E4 hiking tracks in Crete

The E4 hiking trail is a European long-distance hiking trail known to Europeans who love adventure.  It represents more than 10 000 kilometres of trail in various European countries, starting from Tarifa in Andalusia and continuing through many countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, to finally end up in Cyprus.

The path that passes through Greece also has a passage through the beautiful island of Crete. The route starts in the western part of Crete near Elafonissi and ends in the eastern part of Crete, in the town of Zakros.

In Crete, the path is marked with yellow markers and yellow and black arrows. To complete the entire route, you will need about 3 weeks of walking, crossing beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Compared to other parts of the E4 trail in different countries, Crete offers the most difficult sections, as some parts require good preparation and fitness and some hiking knowledge.

The trails are divided into two categories, the coastal sections and the mountain sections. Coastal sections can be easier than the mountain sections due to elevation changes and also due to the non-predetermined routes.

However, if you are a beginner to hiking, you can still join the E4 trail on small sections of the entire route.

If hiking is not your favourite hobby, there are other activities in Crete that you may find interesting. For example, during the winter, you will be able to discover Crete by skiing at the foot of Psiloritis and discover the Mediterranean seabed through the diving offered in various parts of the island during the summer.

If you want to discover the island through different and unique activities, this is your chance. Plan your next trip to Crete to live the unique and unforgettable experience in the Cretan countryside!

E4 hiking tracks in Crete

E4 hiking tracks in Crete


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