A new archaeological museum in the heart of Crete

Since April, the archaeological museum of Messara has opened its doors for the pleasure of the public, who will be able to discover around 3000 square meters of history through exhibitions, conferences and exhibition spaces. The museum is open all day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., except on Tuesdays, when it is closed.

The permanent exhibition "Between the Mountains: Human presence in Messara from prehistoric to Christian times" is the new attraction of the site. Families, friends and groups can visit the museum and experience incredible emotions through the interactive information, tours and educational materials that will enhance the journey and experience of all who visit the museum.

Inside the museum you will find three main rooms to navigate through the history of the place. The first is about prehistoric Messara, the second is dedicated to the cities during the Greek and Roman periods and finally, the third room, presents the cities during the Byzantine period and various findings related to the events of the area. In the surrounding area of the museum, some relics, statues, objects and ancient instruments have been found, which you will be able to discover during your tour of the halls of this cultural site. Interactive displays allow the public to discover more about a particular object found and how it was discovered.  In addition, the online guided tours will allow you to discover the finds in more detail and to go back in history with details related to the site's specificities.

The museum is located in the area of Gortyna, in Crete, and is just a few kilometers from the archaeological site of Gortyna. Gortys was one of the most important cities of Crete. In the 3rd century BC it was at its peak and was the capital of Crete and important finds have been found at the site, including parts of the Legal Code of Gortys, which is the legal code written in stone. In addition, by visiting this place, you will be able to discover ruins of the ancient city of Gortys. There are other monuments in the area, such as the Odeon, which was a typical Roman theatre, the church of St. Titus or even the Isseiion, which was the sanctuary for various Egyptian deities. A visit to the archaeological site of Gortys and the Archaeological Museum of Messara is a unique experience and is a good suggestion to spend a day in this area in order to discover and learn about the place.

In addition, the museum offers the possibility to eat and drink a coffee in its cafeteria but also the possibility to get some fresh air in the courtyard and see some representations of the former monument in a more real way.  Finally, you will be able to take home a souvenir from the museum's gift shop.

The museum is going to become the new center of history and culture of the region and will bring more and more people to this beautiful place. It allows to people to learn about their region and discover its history, whilst foreigners are also welcomed to discover the history of this region and to enjoy their time in Crete. The history is reunited in only one place with the museum, which regroups artifacts that were used through the years and other places.

A new archaeological museum in the heart of Crete

A new archaeological museum in the heart of Crete


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